Friends and colleagues who inspire us on a daily basis

Lotta Jansdotter

On my first visit to Lotta’s San Francisco house many years ago, I distinctly remember being awed by the way her home felt almost sculpted. Every item seemed chosen and positioned with intention. At every turn, I was met with another still-life, yet it seemed that her relationship with her house was an effortless extension of self. It didn’t matter if it was the composition of the coffee pot and some dishes or the soap and toilet paper, it was expressive, beautiful and artistic. Lotta inspires and reminds us that everything can be an expression of one’s identity, and that many people choose certain products and brands because they fit into the sculpture of the life they are creating.

If you are not already familiar with Lotta’s work, you can check out her beautiful products and many books here. We adore her aprons, which have gotten many hours of kitchen love from us.